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» Quiz: What Horse Career suits you?
What Horse Career suits you?
created by iloveakke

For all the horse lovers out there who don't know what career to pick...

1.) Which kind of horse appeals to you most?
A healthy and happy horse
A young, agile horse
An obedient, but a bit unpredictable horse
A young horse that listens
A good-pedigree, sound horse
A sound, quiet horse that can tolerate everything
A very obedient, all-around horse
An elegant, well-built horse
A happy, calm horse

2.) What is your favorite pastime?
Watching movies and teaching my dog/cat/bird tricks
Daydreaming about horses and learning about horse whisperers
Studying textbooks and catching up on homework
Searching the internet for horses for sale and convincing people to stop crossbreeding!
Talking to neighbors, socializing, or organizing things
Riding at the stables and observing better riders whilst practicing your posture
Drawing, painting, doing crafts
Babysitting or teaching schoolchildren younger than yourself how to add 2-digit numbers together.
Being by yourself and watching your little brother/sister's weight

3.) How do you/others think of yourself?
Funny, creative, quick-thinking
Patient, quiet, weird
Very smart, caring, and quick-thinking
Always striving for the best, taking goals and leaping towards them
Organized, smart, with good sense
Athletic, focused, skilled, determined
Energetic, happy, but very creative
Mature, talented, and sociable (good with all people)
Helpful, hard-working, and sensible

4.) What is the worst side to the world?
People who don't trust and rely on others sometimes
Not bringing out full potential in anything
How life is unpredictable, and how some people don't work hard
Inpure, IB, and OB lines in horses!!!
Disorganization and biting off more than you can chew
Losing and bratty opponents
Messing up and not being able to turn back
People who think they know everything but DON'T
People who don't ask for help when it's needed

5.) What's your favorite subject in class?
Writing/Language Arts
I don't like school at all

6.) What do you normally wear?
Stylish clothes, with big bell-bottoms and gorgeous no-strap tank tops with puffy shirts over
Jeans and an old T-shirt- same as yesterday
A nice button jacket and either a school skirt or nice pants
Tight shirts and jeans with boots
Normal, a shirt and jeans, but you add the extra touch, like shoes, or slight make-up, to impress some people
Sport pants and a logo/motto sweatshirt
Plaid shirt, necklace and jeans
A short skirt with a decorative belt and a colorful shirt
Respectable jeans and a cool haircut so that everyone thinks you're mature

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