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» Quiz: What horse breed suits your personality?
What horse breed suits your personality?
created by chimes

Find out waht you would be if you converted your personality to a horse breed!

1.) your rider asks u to cross a very deep stream. what do u do?
You gracefully go into the river, but then you start to sink, so you jump back to land gasping for air.
you float...
You go across lazily. i mean you do this every day.
You balk, but then run across the river so fast that your feet are barely wet when you come out.

2.) It's a very hot day and you are very thirsty.YOur owner fills the water trough up with water and all the horses in the paddock run to get a drink you end up being the last one there you.....
You run under all the horses and sneek a drink at the water trough before all the horses notice and beat you up!
YOu put on a game face and charge threw the horse butts and knock them down like bouwling pins and snark.
YOu wait for your turn.... god i'm so thirsty!!!!owelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll...boohoo
You race to the trough but like running so much that you forget to take a drink.

3.) Your rider asks you to cross the road while a truck is coming full steam at you. ,,,,
You walk quietly across the road so focused on daydreaming that you ignore the truck and get squished.
You think that your rider is stupid and crazy, but cross the road and rear up at the truck trying to protect the rider.
You race across the road and have so much fun running that you run back and forth, then you get hit. boohoo
You dont cross the road you are to stubborn.

4.) You are in a horseshow and you feel hyper.you wat to show off by......
YOu pretend you are in a race and start to race the other horses.
you raise your neck and try to make your self look big
You bolt and kick and buck wink wink mares
YOu try to listen to your rider and give the best preformance

5.) How do you as a horse feel about your rider?
I am so loyal and loving to my rider but she/he is often stupid (hehehe)
he/she is so big compared to me that i gat squished when he/she rides me!
I like him/her only when i get to run!
this is stupid

6.) What type of compitition do you like?
Aginst the odds
Any thing as long as i get to show off.hehehehehe i'm so pretty
I like to go to show with kids
huh shows...... whatever....I prefer tral rides

7.) A chicken walks by
sigh im so bored.
Hey that chicken is even taller than me!
omg i love chickens!AAAH!(spook)

8.) Wht type of owner would u like?
on that makes me look prtty and takes me to lots of shows
A kid i'm taller than them
As long as i get trail rides
weeee i hope they like to run!!!!!

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