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» Quiz: What animal are u?????
What animal are u?????
created by sandy94

1.) if something approuches, what do u do??
Run and hide
attack, who cares what the thing is, im ready!
run and yell 4 ur master.save me!!!!!!!!!!!
run awwwaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!(with ur herd)
snort and roll out of the way
get angry, who dares to intrude upon my nap!!
see who it is, then crush it.
warn everyone while trying to fly away.
climb up a tree and throw coconuts at it.
continue grazing. (who cares?)
hop into a hole and hide.
be vulnerable and nice. Pleeze dont eat me!!!!
.........this sucks

2.) what is a brilliant meal/snack to u?
some rice
grass, of course. and maybe some grain.
mud and grain mixed together make a brilliant meal
i dont eat.
a couple of eggs.
rice, and grain and wheat and bread and ........stuff
im coco 4 cocnuts! and bananas and other food that humans eat.
just give me an arm, i dont need much.
i still think this quiz sucks.....
carrots and lettuce. my motto is.: a veggie a day keeps that humans away.
table scraps and special food made 4 me.
grass. im usually the food though.

3.) what does ur room look like?
i live in a cupbord. dont msake me feel bad
just give me some mud, ill make meself comfy.
in the sky!!!
with the horses and other barn animals.
in a treehouse
jungle???? i cant see the floor covered with dust and dirt from 5 years ago
not telling, thats personal
a hole is very comfy
whats wromg with a neat room?
in my nieghbors field

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