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» Quiz: Which Quarter Horse Legend R U?
Which Quarter Horse Legend R U?
created by johndeere

take this quix 2 find out wat beautiful quarter horse legend u truely r! beautiful pics!

1.) What is your sign?
non of those!

2.) What is your fav color horse?
bay, grey, sorrel, perlino, cremello-1 of those!

3.) What do U look 4 in a guy?
honesty-i want my guy to always tell me the truth!
charm- he needs 2 have a way with words and the ladies!
sexy-who cares bout his attitude, as long as the butt is nice!!!!!!!!!!
humor- i like a guy 2 make me laugh
popularity-i ain't going out with a low-life!

4.) What is your style of cloths?
rad- i need to look like a hipster and get down town!
country- blue jeans, boots, cowboy hat, plaid shirt...ooh yea!
goth- black pants, lipstick, shirt, shoes, liquid paper-white face...perfect!
preppy- um you know i need to look like the best thang in the room!
geeky- floodin' straps, velcro shoes, white shirt, circular glasses, U THINK yer all dat!

5.) Wat equine job do you see in yer future?
equine vet
western- ya kno barrels, poles, cattle, steers, headers, the whole 9-yards!
endurance racer!
olympic rider
the fancy English stuff, dressage, HUS, english pleas., H/J, foxhunting

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