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» Quiz: What Type of Horse are you?!
What Type of Horse are you?!
created by Jarmeyc

Are you wild? Or maybe your docile and polite. Take the quiz and find out!!!

1.) Your rider accidenalty jabs at your mouth with the bit. What is your reaction?
Flick your eyes and continue at a slow and steady pace.
Give a few bucks and throw your head around.
Rider? What Rider?

2.) Look down at your feet, what are you wearing?
Run down joggers.
Thongs or sandals.
Nothing! My feet are bare and lovin' it!

3.) You are a stallion. You have a mare and foal at your side. All of a sudden a rider on a gelding appears in front of you, what do you do?
Stand your ground, no rider is getting to your mare!
Stand aside and encourage the mare and foal towards the rider. They have nothing to fear.
ATTACK!!!!!!! How dare they come near me! What nerve!By the end of your tantrum the rider has been dumped in a river and the gelding is fleeing.

4.) You go to a school dance. What is your position?
Your out on the dance floor. No one can get you to stop and your moving so fast your hair has come undone and is flowing around you!
Your smiling and buying every one drinks and occasionally dancing to a slow song.
Your talking with friends all night long. Every now and then, you'll go and take a dance but most of the night is spent flirting and laughing!

5.) An extremely hot person of the opposite sex comes up and asks you out. Problem is, you already have a date with a group of friends. What do you do?
Push them out of your way, you like being single and free!
You take out your cell, ring your friends and tell them somthing important has come up and you just can't make it to their date. Sorry.
You smile politely and say that you already have an important engagement and besides, you're not allowed to date and wouldn't want to anger your mum.

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