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» Quiz: Which of my pets are you?
Which of my pets are you?
created by _snicker_

Find out if you're a dog, cat, even a hermit crab!With pictures!

1.) What is one of your favorite things to do?
Play with lots of toys!
Show off.
Explore the world.
Swim, do anything in the water!

2.) If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
In the woods, somewhere with plenty of places to explore!
In the big city, where everybody can see me!
Next to Petco! Maybe a carnival too!
On a beach!

3.) What is your favorite food?
Just a few dried fruits and veggies, I don't eat much!
I like fresh, raw meat. And more meat. Even if I have to kill it myself.
Meat and veggies. Just a nice balance for me.
Whatever I get. Meat, sometimes the occasional special little treat.
Everything. Exotic Foods, and normal stuff. I love it all.
I don't eat.

4.) Do you play any sports?
Yes. I love to swim and am on a swim team.
I play soccer, all those really physical games.
Well, I'm an avid hiker, rock climber. I love to do extreme things.
Well, no, but I mean, I might break a nail!

5.) What do you do to relieve stress?
Sleep. It's so, soothing.
Go on a long hike in woods.
Take a long shower. Water always makes me happy.
Spend lots of time doing sports, and just enjoying myself.
Put on lots of makeup.

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