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» Quiz: what wild animal are u????
what wild animal are u????
created by ready2cyber69

hey!my email is Halsters(under score)11(at)hotmail.com

1.) if u were an animal what color would u be??
orange and black...they go together so well and give u good camelflage!!
redish id wanna blind in with the trees!!
orange and white...and fluffy!!
grey and/or black....black and grey are cool!!!
brown so id blind in!!
green...its my fav color!!!!
grey,grey and more grey!!!
anything to blind in with my saroundings!!!
probly brown!
kind of a pinkish blueish grey color

2.) carnavor or herbavor??
carnivor!!!blood calls to me!!
herbavor...blood and gore makes me sick!!
mostly carnivor...during the summer i might eat a leaf or two!
mmmmmmmmmmmmm meat!!
defenitly herbavor!
carnivor...i must kill u now!!
herbavor im pretty shy!
im a vegitarian!
i mostly eat seeds and beens so herbavor!
i only attack to protect!!

3.) where would u live????
in the jungle the mighty jungle the carnivor sleeps tonight!!
out on the african plain!!its so pretty there!!
in the woods where all the small animals live!!
whereever!i go any where the wind blows me!
out in a meadow!
in the water!!
anywhere where theres mud!!and tall trees!!!
in the woods where i can hide eeek!!!!!!
in the tall grasses of a field!!
in a river with others of my kind!

4.) who do u travel with???
usually with my family...
with my herd of course!!
my family and i usually dont travel!!
my pack!!!!!i hate to be alone unless im in a bad mood!!then u better whatch out!!!
i travel with the other males/females in the herd!
my family and friends protection is important!
i only travel to find food for my family!
i dont travel far so usually by myself!
i only travel with my mate!

5.) last but not least...whats ur fav pet???
kitty cat!!
lama!!!theyre so interesting and wierd!!
cat or dog...doesnt matter!
big huge dogs!!!
lizzards and snakes!!!sssssssssssssss!
i dunno a horse or somthin big!
rats and other small stuff!
i only like wild animals!

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