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» Quiz: What animal-spirit lives inside of you?
What animal-spirit lives inside of you?
created by Kuschelmaus

1.) What is your fave color out of these?
Pink and pastelle
Red and orange
Green and yellow
Black, brown and grey
Blue and purple
White, silver and gold

2.) What is your current mood?
I am feeling powerless and insecure at the moment.
I am in a bad mood currently, cause I couldn't fool anyone today...No victims...
I am full of enthusiasm and just feeling great!
I am feeling happy and free...Could humm tunes all the time.
I am feeling lonesome...But I am pretty okay with that.
I am recently working much for my up-coming exams.I am busy and concentrated all the time...

3.) Have you ever had a broken heart?
Yeah ...
No...And if, 'd get over it...
No...I am not letting anyone reach my heart. So: It can't be broken by anyone...
No...But I broke many hearts already...;)
Yes...But I worked it out with the
Yes, unfortunately...But I am happy again...;)

4.) A car-accident happens and you witness it. What do you do?
I'd panic...I want to help , but I don't know how to. I cry and hysterically scream for help...
I'd first call the ambulance and the police by my cell-phone and while waiting for the police, I'd professionally do first aid, of course.
Nothing...I do't wanna get involved into this. It's their problem..They had an accident, not me...
I'd run to help in every way possible. I'd do first aid to the injured and be the hero of the day.
I'd stay calm and try to also calm down the involved ones. I 'd try to help the injured ones with all my powers.
I'd start to cry, but try to sob into my phone for help at 911. I feel so sorry for the involved ones.

5.) Which of these holiday-trips would you choose?
I'd like to go on a safari in the African Bush.I like adventures...
I'd like to go on a trip from Canada to Alaska by a sleigh pulled by a group of majestic Huskies. Through a desert of ice and snow, not seeing a soul.
I'd like to tent out on an open-field near the woods or live in a wooden hut in the woods, being woke up by the tunes of birds.
I'd like to do a trip into the jungle of Brazil or to the Amazonas-area...It's tropical...
Maybe to New York..Statue of Liberty...Or San Francisco...Peace ...The open, free skyline of L.A. ...Life's beautiful!
I'd stay home of course and make fun about all the idiots of my class which have to go on a camping-trip with their parents and annoying sibs...;)

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