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created by quarab

8 adorable foal colors! Which will you be?

1.) What is your fav kind of icecream?
Cake batter. Different, but good!
cookie dough
moose tracks
chocolate chip

2.) what kind of Riding do you like best?
Trail Riding
Barrel Racing

3.) If you were a horse, where would you like to live?
Out in a bid field with lots of trees. I only see my owners when they feed me. Im never ridden!
A small pen. Id go out for long rides every day, so I dont need alot of space!
A regular stable. Ridden about 5 times a week, Id also be turned out a few hours a day.
A luxurious equestrian center! Huge rings, nice fields! Ah, the life!
A private barn. one big field that me and the 4 other horses would go out in and ridden every day!
A small field at my owners house. Not ridden that much. but loved to pieces!
A lesson farm. Id teach kids how to ride.
A barn with LOTS of turn out!

4.) Describe yourself.......
not relly a people person
calm and easy going
Nice and always friendly!
Sometimes a bully, but usually pretty nice
Shy and Quiet
Sweet and Friendly! Always caring!
Energetic and ready 2 go!
Calm, mellow. Ill go with the flow.
Never paid attention

5.) At school, you are.....
I hate school. I hang out with the rest of the Gothic kids at my locker.
Teachers Pet!
I like school. Im a regular student!
Schools OK. Sometimes. I just hang in the crowd.
I am popular. I only like school because of lunch, when I get to hang with my gazillion friends!
Never really cared for school. I like Gym and Art OK.
i am in alot of clubs at school! Sports teams, Newspaper....you name it, I do it!
i admit, Im kind of a nerd!

6.) What is your fav height for a horse?
15 hands
17 or higher!
16.2 is fine
Little ponies! 14 hands or smaller!
16 hands
15.1- 14.1
I dont care. What are HANDS anyway???

7.) what do you like to wear?
Tight clothes!
sweatpants, t-shit, sneakers
dark clothes! Im into that Gothic stuff.
The latest trends. IM at the mall every week!
I dont care aas long as I can wear TONS of make-up!!!
Pretty dresses
funky vintage clothes that NOBODY would wear!!!

8.) What do you like to do with your hair?
Braided pigtails!
Just a pony tail
Headbands are fine with me!
French braids
Just put it all on TOP of my head in a pony tail!
just a few hair clips
Shove it all into a barrette.
what ever happened to Butterfly clips? I LOVE them!!

9.) What is your favorite subject in school?
Math. Bring on the Algebra!
English. I love to read and write!
science! Ill study anything under a microscope!
Gym. Its WAY better than the other classes!
Music. I love to sing!
History. All that happened long ago is cool!
Art! Give me paint!
Geo! maps rule!

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