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» Quiz: What Kind of Pussy are you
What Kind of Pussy are you
created by Sugar Free

okay Pussies are everywhere, about half of us have them, more of us love them, and some of us... well run screaming when when we see one, this quiz is designed to determine what kind of of pussy you are!

1.) What Genre of the past can you see yourself living in?
The 60's baby Peace Love and Drugs!
The 50's clean cut and good living
The 8o's baby! rock sex and big hair!
the 90's grundge baby!
20's roar!!!!
I really don't see myself in other generations, I live with modern times!

2.) Dinner anyone? whats on your menu?
I am a meat and potatoes guy!
When I go out I hit the Buffet!
I like the Fast FOOD
Only the best of fine dining for me!

3.) If you could choose any type of car which would be your style?
I like the Cadillac
anything dependable
Red Corvette baby
Hum V H2 baby
Roles Royce... DUH!
I am an off-roader, a Jeep would do me fancy!

4.) Hre comes the sex question...
I like the fast fuck
I am adventourous sexually and often try it in new places!
I like it wth hot people, they have to be HOT!
Drunken sex is my game
I don't have sex

5.) How do you carry your money.. or wish you did
Black Visa
Cash baby!
My Checkbook
Rob the bank duh!
I am not a big spender, I like to save

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