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» Quiz: What breed of HORSE matches your personality ?
What breed of HORSE matches your personality ?
created by FoxyRoxy

This quiz is designed to match your personality with a horse breed (For all you horse lovers out there) GO ON TRY IT !!!!

1.) You have just entered your morning class in school. The first thing you do is ?...
Gracefully walk to your desk and smile sweetly and shyly at the teacher.
Quietly walk over to your desk, sit down and get your books out. Trying not to make yourself stand-out in the crowd.
Swagger in with your HUGE gang of friends, sit down in a large group and give each other manicures and talk about boys.
Scowl at everyone as you walk in. Let them know that you may be small but not soft.

2.) The bell goes for lunch. The whole class is making their way to the canteen. Do you...?
Walk in a graceful manner to the canteen. Buy a small salad, sit down and eat little bits from it.
Quickly make your way to the canteen, meet your best friend there and buy something small, so nobody's attention is brought to you.
Loudly make your way to the canteen with your gang. Sit and giggle about people as you all eat.
Quietly sneak into the lunch que. If anyone ever dares to shove you out of line... you'll MAUL THEM !!!!

3.) After you get home from school. What do you do?...
Sit and work on a geography project. You want to be the best in class. You are graceful and smart after all.
You go to cheerleading practice, thats where you are miss popular. After all you are 100 percent AMERICAN !!!
You immediatly hang outside the mall. With your latest boyfriend and your gang. You are COOL !!!
You run home and become a totally different person. Since there are no BIG people to threaten you. You are quite comfortable to be yourself.

4.) Say you are a horse, and there is a show coming up. Which event are you most likely to enter?...
Halter events. You just love showing off that body of yours.
Barrel racing. You just love to sprint-run. You can't keep your speed up for long though. You tire quickly.
Jumping ! You love to have a good gallop at a jump, then leap over it in one bounce.
None... You'd be the pony on the empty field giving rides to the chldren. A pony-rides horse.

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