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» Quiz: What Spirit Animal Guides You?
What Spirit Animal Guides You?
created by Smylee82

Native American people believe every person is guided by a spirit animal. This quiz will help show you what guides you through life.

1.) In life you tend to.....
Learn all I can, I love to explore new things constantly
Protect my friends and family, sometimes my loyalty gets me into trouble
Not worry too much. I'm usually happy, and I like most people, as they do me
Be more aggressive than most people, I sometimes have a very short temper
Worry a lot, sometimes my fears get the better of me
Tend to joke a lot. Sometimes I can be a trckster, but often I end up suprised of the outcome.
Be more of a leader than a follower, people often look to me for advise
Be very patient, you often think of the whole rather than just youself, so youre willing to wait rather than rush everything
Take life in stride, you believe things happen for a reason, and know youll get whats yours
Be looked to for guidence, you wisdom and experience is respected by your peers

2.) An unknwon person is in trouble, you....
Do what you can to help, but you'd rather be reading
Do everything you can, even if it could mean personal risk
Help them, as long as it means I wont be hurt, Im more of a lover than a fighter
Dont care, its not my problem, but if they make it my problem someones getting hurt
Run hard run fast, Im not putting myself in danger, not even a little
See how I could use this to my advantage, but it probly wont work like I think it will
Do what you can, but arent too concerned
Already in the middle of something that requires my attention, sorry
Help if something tells me I should
Look at the situation, decide if it's agood idea or not, then take appropriate action
Cant go on knowing someone needs help, you stop of coarse

3.) Youre up for a big promotion at work, your demeanor is......
Hopeful, I love to learn, and this could supply me with just the knowledge Im looking for
Hopeful, If it means I can help people more, Im all for it. but, Im not going to step on anyone to get it.
Joyful. I dont really care if I get it or not, it wont affect my mood
Anxious. I dont like waiting, and Im gonna be very angry if some scrub gets it instead of me
Worried, I hope I get it, but I always get nervous about this stuff
Cocky. I know I got it, I can talk my way into anything, but then again, sometimes its not what I think
Calm, Im a born leader, and it shows
Calm, Im not really concerned, patience is key
Calm, if its ment to be, it will be, Im not concerned about it
Calm, I was born for this, I love to teach

4.) You're generally.....
Emotionally Strong

5.) A fitting job for you would be......
A Scientist, something that lets me experiment
A Police Officer, protect and serve
A Singer
A Prize Fighter, I need to let off steam somehow
An Office Job, something safe
An Actor/Actress, what a better way to fool people
A CEO, or something in leadership
A Soldier, I think of the whole, not myself
Doesn't matter, I do fine in whatever
Teacher, definitely

6.) In a fight, you tend to...
Use my head, how else you think I stay this pretty?
I actually tend not to fight unless I have to, meaning someone has hurt a friend, or family member
Im a lover, not a fighter, I told you
Go in blind. My blind rages are unstoppable
Run. Run hard, run fast
Im a trickster you know, I'll use that to my advantage
Dont usually fight, most people know Im not one to tangle with, but I dont look for fights either
Fight for survival, meaningless bouts mean nothing to me
I don't fight, its not in the cards for me
I do what's needed and then educate the poor shmoo on why that was a bad idea

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