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» Quiz: What kind of chicken are you???
What kind of chicken are you???
created by Greane

BBBCCCKKKAAAAWWW!!!! We all have a little chicken, in us. But, what kind do YOU have???

1.) You're driving along a busy highway when a trucker cuts you off. What do you do?
I'm not driving, but I cringe at the driver's cursing.
I pull over to pass the trucker and see if he/she is hot.
I pull over, to pass the trucker. When I get infront of him, I slow down. I continue to play cat and mouse with him/her.
I curse and just keep driving. The sooner I get to my destination, the better.
I drive behind him and rev my engine. After about 5 minutes of doing that, I speed up and pass him and continue on my way.

2.) Your friends are all going to the beach. They invite you along. What do you do?
I wear my sexiest bathing suit and strut my stuff.
I bring my inner-tube, floaties, and wear bright colors so, if I become lost at sea, I can be found.
I don't go there.
I don't usually swim, but I go to the beach, anyways, and enjoy watching the waves. Perhaps I take a good book.
I go there and let my friends lead the way.

3.) You're done with the beach and you're hungry. What do you eat/where do you go?
I'm up for anything. There's not much I don't like.
I go any place with good food but incredibly good music. Gotta shake those tail feathers!!
I didn't go to the beach. I'm home, alone, eating the meatloaf TV dinner...
The local bar, to check out all the hotties.
I'm a fan of any place with games or "make your own desserts" or anything of the such!

4.) What kind of music do you and your friends listen to, on the way home?
I DIDN'T GO TO THE FLIPPIN' BEACH WITH ANY FLIPPIN' FRIENDS!!! But I like something that makes light, backround music....
Anything and everything.
80's Loooove ballads........
Something I can dance too!!! (Pop, rock, hip-hop....I like to shake my booty, mosh, any kind of body movement.)

5.) You're home. What's your "before bed" routine?
Brush teeth, go to bed.
Crank up the music, and get out all my energy.
I get tucked in.
I have company.....I'm not sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG! ;)
It varies. Sometimes I just go straight to bed and other times I like to do something to relax. I might even have someone over....

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