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» Quiz: Who is you celebrity hunk?
Who is you celebrity hunk?
created by LoLa

1.) If you could live anywhere, where would that be?
European country e.g France/Spain
London- England
Los Angeles

2.) What type of roles would he have?
Hilarious roles
Kinda new actor
different roles over the years, detective/drug man/action and fantasy - you name it he's done it

3.) What would he do on your 1st date?
take u 4 a meal- staring in2 those brown eyes swoon
to the movies 2 share popcorn
Take you to see a stand up comedian- you love to laugh
take you to a premiere
Took u shopping- wow this guy knows how a gal wants 2 be treated

4.) Favourite colour?
Purple- mysterious
orange- bright n vibrant
Green- calm

5.) How would he be described?
funny/ over the top shouting/ cute smile
shows u lots of love/ handsome/ creative/ ooh pose

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