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» Quiz: WuT tEEn aCtreSS/Pop sTar R U??
WuT tEEn aCtreSS/Pop sTar R U??
created by Technologicque

HiLaRy iS lYk mii idOl LoL!!! (Just seeing if this is what it takes to get a lot of hits)

1.) What is your best talent?
MiLking mii sister's fame!!!
Singing and writing music
DanCiNg aNd sHowiNg mii bOObiEs LoL!!!
AktinG and siNging and daNciNg! I'm good at everYthiNg!!!
Acting and being a rawk star!!! WOOoooOOOo!!!

2.) What do YOU think your label is?
A hardcore punk!! GRR!
Ummm.. like... a pineapple! LoL!!! :)
Drama Queen

3.) If you were a household object, what would you be?
A mirror!
A toaster
A sponge!
A pencil
Ummmmmmmmmmm... A shower curtain!

4.) Wut is ur favorite color?
YeLLow. Like my bleached out hair!
Black like my tortured soul

5.) Where would you be on a Saturday night?
With mY BF/Fiance!!
In a cafe writing song lyrics with a close friend
In da studio rawking out!
At home reading scripts for even more pre-teen movies. I figure, if each one makes 5 million dollars, and I make ten more, I'll B a billionaire!!
Recording aother manufactured pop album!

6.) wut is ur favorite animal?
kitty! Rawr!
A mouse! Hehehehe!
A puppy!

7.) What is you marital status?
I'm dating another teen pop star! I think...
I'm single
I don't know :)
I'm not dating anyone now, but I've had a ton of BFs and they all tried to score with me but I wouldn't let them so now I write songs about it!
eYe M enGagEd!! Yay!

8.) do people view you as slutty?
No of course not! ...
Yes and I M soo proud of that!
No bcuz I am a rawk star!
No, but they think my sister is!
Yes. Ever since that rumor of me getting a boob job. Which is complete nonsense by the way. Heheh...

9.) Speaking of boob jobs, would you ever get plastic surgery?
Already have! ;)
Pfft. No of course not. I'm too much of a punk for that!
I'm peRfect I doN't nEEd tHat!
I said no! Never. Nope...
Maybe so I could have big full boobies lYk mii sister!

10.) What has your career been like? Where did you start out, and where are you now?
I wus oN a disNey sHow N thEn eYe diScoVeRed thAt I could lip sYnc sO now I am a pop sTar and paRt tYm aktresS!
I finally got my big break when I starred in Freaky Friday. Now I make cheesy preteen movies, and I'm a pop star too!
I used to B noThiNg, bUt tHen mii siSter gOt a TV sHow aNd tHen eYe got a TV sHow shOw aNd I'm on TV! I'm a raWk stAr too!
I made one catchy single, and then everyone fell in love with me! I'm such a punk. Right now I'm milking the success of my new album.
I've done and akting, but I am ready 2 seTTle doWn now. I'm reALLi not eVen a teen. I just payed the mAkeR of tHis quiZ to maYk me an oPtion. :(

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