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» Quiz: How well do you know Good Charlotte?
How well do you know Good Charlotte?
created by MyChemicalRomance

Do you really think you know GC? Really? Seriously? Well, then take this quiz and see if you really do..(And please, be VERY honest!)

1.) What are the GC members names?
Benji, Josh, Kyle, Chris and Phil
They have names?!?!?
Benji, Joel, Billy, Chris and Paul

2.) What is Billys clothing line? What doesn't he eat? Where was he born? What does he play?
Level 27, Peanut Butter, Iowa, Bass
..whoa..way to many questions...
Level 27, meat, Naptown, Guitar

3.) What is Benji and Joels clothing line? Where were they born? When were they born? What kind of twins are they?
Made, Waldorf, March 11, 1979, identical
Made, Naptown, March 11, 1980, Fraternal

4.) What is Benjis, Joels, Billys, Chris and Pauls Full names?
Benji Levi Madden, Joel Rueben Madden, Billy Thomas, Chris Wilson and Paul Martin
...umm...benji, joel billy chris and paul?
Benjamin Levi Madden, Joel Ryan Reuben Madden, William Dean Martin, Chris Anthony WIlson, and Paul Anthony Thomas

5.) What is Benji, Joels, BIllys, Chris' and Paul nicknames?
Benji-Kid Vicious Joel- Sickboy Billy- Lil Billy Chris- Ludachris Paul-St.Paul
Benji-Sid Vicious Joel-Moely Joely Billy- Billy Chris- Drummer Boy Paul- Bassman
i dont even know their names, more or less their nick names...

6.) Are you REALLY into GC, or do you just listen to them because they are the pimp ass??(Please be VERY truthful! Whats the point in lying anyway? It wont get you any closer to GC)
I love em! Their music is the greatest, and they are hotter than anything else!!!!
No, I dont even listen to em..and i dont even know why im taking this lame quiz, its a waste of my time..
GC is the greatest band ever, I feel I can relate to their words and I an rock out whenever I want to...and, well, of course, they are very cute..
I love em, I really do!

7.) Have you been to any GC concerts?
yes, but only one
hell no, bitch....you'll see ME rocking out at Ozzfest!
Yes, 2 or more

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