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» Quiz: Which Role Model should You have? (grl celebz)
Which Role Model should You have? (grl celebz)
created by weedygrlz

Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Britney or XTina...who are you most like and who should you learn more about?

1.) What colors are you most often seen wearing?
Pink! I love pink! My dog loves pink, and I love pink!
Neon colors...I love the eyeshadows. I love the dresses. I love the belts. I like yellow!
Reds, and black. Anything that I can use to accentuate myself in some way or another!
I like denim, but I also like whites. Neutral works.

2.) Is your love life always part of gossip?
YES! I hate it! So, he's not perfect. He may have no job. He may have kids with another woman...I love him! I make the first moves here...
I used to have the perfect boyfriend...then, I cheated. I mean, he cheated. Well, it's unclear what went wrong. We looked hot together though.
I date anyone I want to date. If you have a problem with that, it's your OWN problem..not mine? If my puppy likes him, he might stay for another date.
I've been spotted with my beau a few times. He's hot, he's sweet. He's into music, and that works for me. I try to stay outta the spot light.
I keep people guessing on whom I'm with at the time. I could be dating your dad, for all you know!

3.) How do you deal with camping?
I take all of my clothes, accessories, shoes, and beauty products. Oh, my dog too!
I deal just fine, as long as I can take anything I want. That includes my best friend, and a pink truck. I might want to bring my cell phone, too.
That's too dirrty for me!
With his kids? Sure...I'm going to prove this is working for me no matter what!

4.) How old do you act?
I party like I won't get a hangover!
I dance the night away, but I don't stay out when I look bad...oh wait, that's never.
I've been known to be a party girl! I shake my lil ass everywhere I go!
I used to hit the clubs a lot, but now I'm settling down...

5.) Wut is your body type?
I'm pretty petite. My stomache is flat, undefined. I'm hot.
I work out soo much! I have a personal trainer, and it shows!
I'm supermodel material.
I'm hot. A more natural beauty...curvy, unlike some who are twigs.

6.) How often do you curse?
WTF question is this shit? Fukk..
Um...that's bad? hehe
I've flipped off quite a few people, thank you VERY MUCH!
Shut the hell up!

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