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» Quiz: Which Broadway character are you?
Which Broadway character are you?
created by robscool

1.) What hobby best suits your intrests?
Washing and Folding clothing
robbing people
spreading gossip
Milking cows

2.) What occupation do you see in your future?
running a laundry mat
Stealing to get by
something which you attempt to make people happy

3.) Whats your favorite plant?
an unknown breed
i prefer flowers

4.) What do you spend your free time doing?
attending auditions
running from place to place
avoiding the whip
looking at all the different prospective mates
caring for those less fortunate

5.) What is your favorite TV show?
the dating game
The garden show
The elephant show

6.) Whats your ideal mate?
someone who treats me right
the hot, talented, non-rasist man of my dreams
a wife who cooks and cleans and cares for the kids. who loves me.
I don't need anyone, as long as everyone else is happy.
a girl who frolics around selling flowers
a mate whos timeless to you. nothing matters, as long as you can be with them.

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