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» Quiz: how well do you know eminem?
how well do you know eminem?
created by blink182chick

take this quiz to find out if you are a true eminem freak like i am.

1.) What is eminem's full real name?
Slim Shady
Marshall Mathers
Marshall Bruce Mathers

2.) What is eminem's fave color and what is his daughters full name name?
light blue...and since when did he have a daughter?
Light blue...and Hailie Jade-Scott Mathers
Black...hailie mathers
light blue....haley jade-scott mathers
red.....hailie jade mathers

3.) Who is eminem's producer?...and what was his 1st cd i ever had?
he is his own producer.....The Slim Shady LP
Dr. Dre......Infinite
50 Cent...and Slim Shady EP
Dr. Dre....D12 world

4.) what is the name of his side group?...and what is there new cd?
omg duh i don't have a group and my new cd is Encore
D12 (Dirty Dozen)....D12 world

5.) what is eminem's movie called and what is his clothing line called?
crossroads...........eminem's 8mile ltd.
8mile....Shady Ltd.
i don't have a movie and i haven't released my clothing line so fuck off!!!
8 mile and i don't have a clothing line
8 mile....Slim Shady ltd.

6.) do u even like eminem?
fuck ya...and if you don't then u shud die.
nope i have never heard of him.
mmmm yes i love eminem's but i think its just spelled...M&M's
best white boy rapper out there.

7.) when is eminem's birthday?.........when is Hailie Jade Scott Mathers birhday?
Oct. 17th..and i don't have a daughter u fucking loser.
oct 24th.....dec 17th
October 17th 1972.....december 25th 1995
oct 17th...dec 25th

8.) what is the song....Kim about....and who is Kim in eminem's life?
the song is about a girl named kim duh and kim is the chick in the song Kim.
eminem has a song named after his wife..huh never knew that.
its about eminem killing his wife kim for chesteing on him in his bed and hi house....and Kim is eminem's EX wife at this moment they are spit up.

9.) and last where does eminem have houses in the US?.....and whaere did he grow up as a young boy while living with his mom Debbie?
he has 2 houses in Detroit....and he grew up in detroit
a house in LA. and a house in Kentucky....and he grew up in Texas
he has a house in Detroit Michigan....and one in Los angels, CA....as a young boy he lived in...Missouri...Kansas...and Michigan.
who the fuck cares where his houses are or where he has lived...fuck off

10.) haha i lied 2 u...what color is eminem naturla hair color..and what is it now?
blonde..blonde...duh thats y its blonde
brown...bleach blonde

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