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» Quiz: Which Celeb are u? (girls only)
Which Celeb are u? (girls only)
created by L0LL1 pR1Nc3sS

Find out which celeb u are

1.) Which is ur fave color
I like lota of colors :-)
Something hot like red or blue

2.) What music do u listen to?
hard rock
punk rock
pop or rap

3.) Whic aminal u like most?
Kitties and puppies :)
anything unusual and cool
doggy's all the way!
i like puppies or something small

4.) What word would best descrbe u?
Crazy (in a good way)
girly and blonde...
hip,and cool, but kinda slutty
calm and understanding

5.) Finally, which lyrics do u like most?
Im loving angels instead...
Im addicted to u dont, u know that your toxic...
Bring me back to life....

6.) Did u like this quiz?
It was stupid
It was soo cool
it was okay, but i expected better
huh...is this chicken or tuna?

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