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» Quiz: Which Disney Princess are you?
Which Disney Princess are you?
created by blu_tearz

Found out which is your inner Princess.......

1.) Overused, but what is ur favorite color?
yellow and blue
purple and green

2.) What is your favorite past-time?
I am a pack-rat I collect things.
I am lazy, I sleep a lot.
I read a lot of books.
I love to take care of people.
I run away from home for fun.
I clean a lot.... if that counts?

3.) Who is your best friend?
I talk to a lot of fairy people.
My pet tiger.
My little ones.
I love the libary.
A fish.
My dreams.

4.) What is your marital status?
My dream man.
I don't have one.
Hes in a nut-shell. He doesn't know i am here.
Taken by my prince
My parents don't approve of him.
Which one I have many!


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