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» Quiz: Are you a huge fan of Johnny depp?
Are you a huge fan of Johnny depp?
created by ana_goddess

This is a quiz about Johnny depp my fave actor, i am a huge fan! so if you consider yourself a fan too take this quiz and find out how much of a fan you are.

1.) Where and when was Johnny depp born?
uumm...Manchenster, London in 1960
Owensboro, Kentucky in 1963
Somewhere in Kentucky 1966
In Paris ofcourse! the year i remember
In america...in the mid 70's

2.) When did he drop out of school?
He never dropped out of school, i know that for sure....he gratued highschool and even went to university!
at age 14
I know i read in some magazine that he dropped out of school but i can't remember at which age
age 16

3.) At age 12 his mother bought him an instrument which one of these was it?
i dunno

4.) Which movie did he first audition for?
a nightmare on elm street
Benny and Joon
Pirates of the caribbean
21 jump street
Edward's scissorshands
stand by me

5.) When was Johnny awarded the star of tomorrow award?
he was never awarded for that

6.) He has been nominated for three golden globe awards for his work in which three movies?
Edward's scissorshands, Ed wood and A nightmare on elm street
Secret window, once upon a time in mexico and Pirates of the caribbean
hhmmm...i am not sure
Ed wood, Edward's scissorshands and Benny and Joon

7.) What is his nickname,
Mr. Stench
he has no nickname

8.) Which famous model did he have a relationship with?
Claudia schiffer
Johnny never dated a model!
Kate moss

9.) Johnny Depp owns a club, what is the name of the club and where is it located?
The viper room, LA
The viper in LA
Chocolat in paris

10.) Who is he married to?
Some french singer/actress
Lori Allison
he isn't married
Vanessa Paradis
He was once married to winona ryder but i am not sure if they're still together

11.) What is the full name of Johnny's daughter?
He has a daughter? I didn't even know he had kids...lol
Lily Rose Depp
Vanessa depp
Lily rose melody depp

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