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» Quiz: Which rapper would you be?
Which rapper would you be?
created by glitterdust07

What rapper do you think you would be?!! Take this test to find out!! (results may scare you!!!) ha ha

1.) Do you absolutely love money?
oh yeah!
sort of.
not really.
no, never. those dollar bills will never attack me!!!!

2.) Have you ever been shot?
only once!
never!! (and proud!)

3.) Do you love saying things like.... thurr and hurr?
not that much!
who really cares!?

4.) Are you into the old days style?
Yes Yes Yes!!!!
ummm....what are you talking about?! .....homie.
hell naw!
im white foo. (naw)

5.) Do you have a fro or braids?
yes ...all the time!
not ALL the time.

6.) Did you have a REALLY bad childhood (or in the presence of one)?
not really fool
i was only shot enough!!!
i cant remember......

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