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» Quiz: Which *~*:PoP StAr DiVa:*~* are you?
Which *~*:PoP StAr DiVa:*~* are you?
created by lalalahollywood

Find out which PoP StAr DiVa you are!

1.) When you are on stage you...
Laugh a lot and thank people for being at your concert.
Dance, Dance, Dance!
Say, You're hott...
Get Dirty
Tell everyone to Fuck off!
Bomb Hilary Duff
Lip Sync

2.) What is your favorite color?
Baby Blue
Anything pastels... pink, green, yellow, blue...
P!NK all the way!
Well, it used to be orange, then black, then red, now it's the rainbow!
Black and white is all you need!
Pink is hot

3.) When the media wants to know about your sex life you...
Tell the world through your music videos.
Say, yeah, I'll fuck anyone I want!
Try not to tell anyone, but decide that you can't help it.
Show the world on video!
Not comment
Tell people that you are fucking the foreign exchange student on That 70's Show
I'm 17 years old and famous... why don't you try to guess what I'm doing with my sex life!

4.) When making a music video you...
Try to make it as punk rock as you can!
Get down and dirty, as slutty as possible
Only do music videos for your soundtracks.
Keep them as clean as possible.
I'm just famous right now... my album and videos should be coming out soon...
Sexy. Sudductive. I love to dance!
Rock out... kinda...
Push everything

5.) Who's your favorite boy pop star?
Justin Timberlake.
Anyone who's hott.
Aaron Carter!
Aaron Carter...
Anyone who ROCKS!
Boy Groups.

6.) Last one! I swear! You're almost there! Who do you relate to?
Samantha from Sex in the City.
Myself... I'm really famous right now.
My mom.
Hilary Duff... I love her somedays, I hate her somedays...
My sister. We are tight.
Anyone who ROCKS!

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