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» Quiz: Who Is Your Soul Mate?
Who Is Your Soul Mate?
created by crockHUNT3R

find out which hot celeb is your perfect match!

1.) what is your favourite color?
lime green or some other bright color.
black or crimson
beige, off-white, tan. etc.
purple. it brings out your inner-rock star
no favourite color. all that matters is that my partner and i have matching outfits!

2.) What is love to you?
Its all about having a blast, right?
being able to share your darkest secrets with no regrets.
sex with drugs, alcohol, & rock and roll!!
I'm not sure, I just know that its the most powerful force.
Having someone who looks cute with you

3.) What is something you would most likely do on a weekend?
go surfing or snowboarding, baby!
Two words: ROCK OUT!
Go to a baseball game with your sweetheart.
keg party. enough said...
go shopping!

4.) describe your friends.
Very fun-loving & outgoing!
They share my pain as well as their cigarettes.
Sweet, but kind of shy.
AWESOME!!!!(even though they are addicts or dumbasses)
Very classy & sophisticated, but somewhat cold and untangable.

5.) Describe your ideal mate.
Someone who isn't afraid to have fun! sexy playful.
Someone mysterious...
Someone extreeeeemely good-looking! o yea.. they should have a good personality, too..
someone who is there to fill up your beer bong & rock out with you
someone who is smart and sophisticated and can match outfits with you

6.) What is your motto out of these?
work hard, but play even harder.
life is pointless, death is unevitable..
dont have a motto
Dont worry about the future, 'cause its just another day
shop 'til you drop!

7.) What is something you always wear?
anything just as long as you have your surf board or snowboard!
black nail polish.
something simple, yet elegant.
leather, bandanas, chains, etc.
custom-made clothing that is very posh.

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