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» Quiz: Are you Nicole Paris or both...(some pics)
Are you Nicole Paris or both...(some pics)
created by semperfi_usmarinesgirl

hmm lets see who youre most like...gorgeous Nicole...or pretty Paris

1.) whats youre favorite saying?
Thats hot...
sexy bitch
Thats hot you sexy bitch
Umm....how about fuck you..this quiz sucks
why does my life have to suck!!i hate it,but damn i look good

2.) What kind of animal do you like?
only my tinkerbell.....(weird looking dog)
i like cats and stuff
im to busy looking at myself in the mirror wonder why my life sucks
My little doggie (dont know the name!)

3.) whats your fashion sence like...
hmm anything small...since im the size of a toothpick
I love trendy but classy
sexy but classy
Whatever i feel like...fucking clothes...anything anti paris
i love looking at myself,i look good in whatever,but my life sucks

4.) would you shove you arm up a cows ass?
hell no id make my friend do it
well i did,but it was sooo gross
do i look like an idiot
uh...yeah i guess,but only if my friend was there

5.) would you make a nasty ass videoyourself?
i already did,and it was hit
umm ive only had a few partners and im proud of that,as for the tape....thats my damn business
yes and no
uh..yeah right only sluts do that
why why why!!!my life sucks

6.) so do you really like paris or nicole?
oh yeah there hot
hell yeah
ofcourse both
umm no...sluts!!
i hate my life,but damn i look good

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