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» Quiz: How well do you know Marilyn Manson?
How well do you know Marilyn Manson?
created by sweetsixsixsix

1.) What is his real name?
marilyn manson?
Brian Warner.
Brian Hugh Warner.
Jason Stone
Jason Charles Stone

2.) Where did he go to school as a boy?
A christian school
a public school
A private school

3.) Who does he have two daughters with?
Courtney Love
Madonna Wayne Gacy
Rose McGowan
Dita Von Teese

4.) What are his daughters names?
He has daughters?
Bunny and Skip.
Dita and Rose.

5.) Who wrote a flattering reference about their night together?
Jenna Jameson
Dita Von Teese
Rose McGowan
Twiggy Ramirez
Davey Havok

6.) What was this flattering reference?
Massively endowed
Sexy body
vampiric kisses
sexy hair
No idea.

7.) Who is he engaged to?
Rose McGowan
Dita Von Teese
None of these.
Jenna Jameson

8.) Why is he getting married in a castle in Scotland?
I don't think I would be very welcome in a church.
He likes scotland a lot
It's cheaper there.
She doesn't want to be stereotypical. We're getting married in a castle because she doesn't want to be like everyone else. I personally don't care.

9.) Why did you take this quiz?
I love Marilyn Manson
To see how well I know the God of Fuck
To see how well I know the Everlasting Cocksucker
To see how well I know Marilyn Manson
I was bored.
I don't even know who marilyn manson is, i clicked on the wrong link and decided to take this one instead of hitting the back button.

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