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» Quiz: True or False celebs quiz
True or False celebs quiz
created by rebeccaj

Guess these true or false questions about everyone from Eminem to Beyonce to Brad Pitt.

1.) Eminems 2000 Album
Erm cant remember that far back but probably.

2.) Beyonce was born on 23rd of August 1980. True or False.
Nope, false.
Dont care

3.) Tupac Shakur died on Friday the 13th, 1996.
True, freaky aint it.
No, thats got to be false.
It wouldnt surprise me.

4.) Will Smiths name in the film Bad Boys was Matthew Lowery.
Wasnt it Mike or sumthink?

5.) Eddie Murphy will begin to start filming the second film to ' daddy day care ' this year. The films going to be called ' daddy day camp'. True/False
True. Its gunna be Funny
False, dowt it.
They might be , im not sure.

6.) Orlando Blooms father Harry Bloom died when Orlando was just 8.
Wasnt he younger then that?

7.) Ja Rules children are : Daughter Britney born 1995, Son Jeff Jnr born August 2000.
False, hes got no kids has he???
Erm sounds about rite!!???!!

8.) Brad Pitt has had his teeth capped.

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