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» Quiz: whos your celeb best friend
whos your celeb best friend
created by emo4life

a quiz resulting to who could be or maybe your celeb best friend

1.) what would u do on a saturday night with friends?
skate and chill with friends
hit the club and met new people and dont come home till 6:00 am
sit your ass in front of the tv all night
fuck it i dont care what u think
hang out at the mall and watcha movie

2.) what color do u like the most ?
punk colors

3.) how would u describe your self ?
fuck off
im serious i dont know
i would say im average
hardcore i guess

4.) do u like to party alot or are u just one of those people that like to hang out with friends?
hells ya party animal over here !
hang with friends and talk
huh? wtf
when i have time i do
i love rocking out and partying

5.) how was this quiz??
it sucked so much ass
its ok i guess
its cool kinda
no go away
yup lol weeeee

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