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» Quiz: What Crazy Broadway Diva are you?
What Crazy Broadway Diva are you?
created by Manderz

What crazy Broadway Diva are you?

1.) You are nominated for an award; you:
Are delighted that you were nominated and you are glad your efforts were recognized
You knew your gay fans wouldn't let you down.
Know you are going to win the award and have people build you a trophy stand in your dressing room.
expect to win; you've won a million times before and this time shouldn't be any different.
Better win or else your going to make nasty rumers about the person who does win!

2.) When a fan asks you for an autograph you say:
Of course, find me a pen!
If you are seeing my show tonight I will!
Uhhh....I'm kind of bussy
You'r ugly; so no! or You're pretty so yes!
Not unless you are important

3.) In your younger days you:
Always loved to perform for people
Used to do the hoola in Hawaii
Went to many expensive schools.
Were on Broadway as a child star
Singing and praising the lord in church!

4.) How much do people hate you?
They are affraid of my femanistic qualities and my strong views in polatics!
Nobody hates me! I'm a star!! And I'm damn funny too!
People hate me so much that they often plot to kill me! I've almost died in two shows!
People don't hate me! I'm too cute to hate!
People only hate me when I hate them! I make sure of it!

5.) You're favorite song is:
Don't Rain On My Parade
The Rose
Don't Cry for Me Argentina
Rose's Turn
Defying Gravity

6.) Are you demanding?
Yes! I ecpect everything I ask for!
Do you really have to ask?
I'm a God! I desserve everything!
I try not to ask for too much! People just seem to go get me things of their own will!
Of cours!!

7.) What do you usualy sing?
I like to hum and sing songs that I made.
I like Broadway to Old classics to songs that I made myself.
I used to sing Andrew Lloyd Webber; but let's face it! I can sing anything!!
Sondhiem is a God!
I like to belt the crap out of songs! Hehe!

8.) Have you only done Broadway things or have you looked in on other things?
I've always loved Broadway, but I prefer Hollywood; though at the moment they are shunning me!
Movies! I love Hollywood! But where are all the Gay people?
I tried to do television and movies, but it didn't really work out so Broadway is my real home!
I've done some movies! They are fun! But Broadway is truly where I shine!
I don't need Hollywood! Broadway is the only place for me!

9.) Children?
Yes indeed, he's in some of my movies!
Of course!! Kids you've got to love them!
Of course I had a kid, he's very imprtant to me! He loved to be dragged backstage everytime I performed!
Not for a while....but if I did They would be gorgeous!

10.) You would rather work with:
Anyone but Andrew Lloyd Webber
My sweetheart! Taye Diggs!

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