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» Quiz: what annoying celebrity are you?
what annoying celebrity are you?
created by XxNgSmxX

1.) When something terrible happens to your friend... what advice would you more likely to give him/her?
Talk it out with your family, and maybe write about it in a journal or diary.
Just forget about it and be happy! Always smile no matter what!
maybe a nice trip to the beach to scope out some hotties will cheer ya up?
Come over to my place later tonight and we can get wasted or somethin..
Stay in bed all day and have your parents baby you all day.. that should help. If not... Lets go shopping!

2.) Your taste in music is..
any thing that soothes the soul
anything happy and colorful sounding!
Anything with a good beat and lyrics about money n stuff like that
rock n roll
ANything that i can dance to at the club

3.) Your dream job would be...
Someone who can talk to anyone about their lives and emotions
anything that makes people happy and full of energy!
something that puts me in the center of attention and makes me lots of money
i dont care.. id rather sleep at home all day
I dont need a job! I have my parents to buy me stuff. I am their princess.

4.) Your favorite color is...
It depends on how i am feeling
all of the colors of the rainbow!
Gold and metally colors like that..
red or black

5.) Which one of these words is your favorite?

6.) You are most likely to be found...
Helping people
at the gym
at a baseball game
at a bar
the mall! where else?!

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