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» Quiz: Which celeb girl are you related to?
Which celeb girl are you related to?
created by ~Angel~

Are you related to a celeb you never know? Take this quiz to find out which celeb girl you are related to?

1.) Ok let's get started,fist of all what's your favourite movie?(If none of these are your favourite Oh Well!)
A cinderella story
Confessions of a teenaged drama queen
New York Minute

2.) Ok let's see um if you and your related celeb were talking about celeb guy's and you had to choose which guy you like best who would it be?
Chad Michael Murray
Ashton Kutcher

3.) what magazine do you like best?
The M magazine
J-14 magazine
Teen People magazine

4.) ok if you and you celebpersonwere shopping in the mall for and you desideded you wanted to buy a pet what would you choose?
A puppy
A Kitty
A bunny

5.) ok last one let's say you say this really pretty necklace in the mall and you had to have it oh but you don't have enough money what do you do?
You walk out of the store with sad eyes and your celeb friend person gives you the money to buy it. You are so happy!
You ask for money. It's kind of rude
You go home with out it oh well!

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