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» Quiz: who's your favorite band?
who's your favorite band?
created by blackgothicblood

just take it

1.) what's your fav color?goldpurplegreenredblacksilverpinkwhite

2.) which item is most interesting to you?spike braceletblack bloodsneakersblack rosebackwards edance clubarm warmers
spike bracelet
bloody water
black blood
black rose
backwards E
dance club
arm warmers

3.) which lyric's do you like the best? everything you say to me brings me one step closer to the edge and i'm about to break. how can you see into my eyes. this is not my home i think i'm better off alone. no you don't know what its like welcome to my life.hold on if you feel like letting go. just lose it aahhhh.
everything you say to me brings me one step closer to the edge and i'm about to break

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