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» Quiz: Girls: Which Bollywood Actor would you like?
Girls: Which Bollywood Actor would you like?
created by QuEeNz_CuTiE

Like I mentioned in the Bollywood Actress quiz for the guys....you dont have to be a Bollywood fan to take this quiz! If you don't know about your resulr, just type in the name in Google and lay ya eyez on the guy that most fit your choices...!!! Have Fun and please rate..thankz

1.) When it comes to personality, you'd like your guy to...
have a GREAT sense of humor...haha!!!
have a GREAT deal of confidence...:)
be humble, even if he has LOTZ and lotz of talent
be Open Minded....modeling, acting, itz all good :)...
be a bad boy with a good heart
MaTuRiTy, baby....he needs to be the one pampering you!

2.) Which of the following names do you like best.....?

3.) You'd never be interested in a......
SERIOUS guy.....where's the fun?!?
guy with LOW SELF ESTEEM...you can't always be there to give him that ego boost, it needz to come to him naturally...
guy with no TALENT....what's he good for then?
guy who acts like a KID....unless he is under the age of 18, he should be mature enough to handle what u got..!!!
boring guy...:( HE needs to be Fun, Daring, Bold...the works, baby!
CONCEITED guy....even when he's got eyes that could kill, he keepz those killer eyez on you.

4.) What special quality would you like your guy to have?
the sexiest abs....move over Usher!
great HAIR....smooth and silky so your fingers feel like they're running through heaven!
GREAT style...dressed to impress
a GORGEOUS smile....ohhh...you smile just watching him smile :)
STRONG, MANLY ARMS......gently holding you....but when he wears those wife beaters that show off his best assets, they look fierce!
SULTRY voice...your ears melt whenever you hear his magical rhythm, aww.

5.) If you were starring in a movie with your leading man, you'd love for the genre to be:
COMEDY, with him, not smiling his unheard of.
ACTION, damn,with that body you'd love to see some action...
MYSTERY...he's so mysterious and intriguing himself....
ADVENTURE, with him everything is fun!
HORROR, he's so tough, witty, and sharp, he'll fight off any masked killers!
DRAMA, he's past that kiddy adventure, or girly romance stage, this guy is all mature, all drama, baby!

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