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» Quiz: Which Comedian Are You?
Which Comedian Are You?
created by dancingrooster08

1.) What are you best known for?
my wit
my sarcasm
my goofiness

2.) What do you like to talk about the most?
I usually ramble about a lot of things at once.
What an ass I can be

3.) What's your opinion of George W. Bush?
I don't talk about it too much.
I'm unbiased.
He is absolutely, without a doubt going down as the worst president in history.

4.) Which is the best channel?
Comedy Central

5.) If you had a TV show, you'd probably work
with a close friend.
with a group of friends.
solo, except for my band.

6.) Which movie would you like to appear in?
Big Daddy
Sugar & Spice
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

7.) You can't stand
dumb politicians.
stupid celebrities.

8.) Before you go out on stage or begin a show, you'd rather
do a dance.
scribble on a piece of paper.
get drunk as hell.

9.) Your most prominent physical feature is your
facial structure.

10.) You'd rather be a
political show host.
late night show host.
stand-up comedian.

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