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» Quiz: Which Evanescence song are you? (with pics)
Which Evanescence song are you? (with pics)
created by Exodus_Imaginary_Light

This quiz is going to let you know which Evanescence song are you......My Immortal, Tourniquet, Imaginary, Whisper? So like yea.......

1.) What do you think of Evanescence?
They are my escapade.....I listen to them when I want to get away from the real world.
They are Gods......I worship them
I get really sad when I hear them.....I sometimes cry.
When I hear them......I think about how scared I am of the world around me.....I have too much fear in me.

2.) Which of these is your favorite Evanescence song?
My Immortal

3.) Which sound of Evanescence do you prefer?
Calm, soothing, most of the song is piano
Crying, screaming, bleeding vocals
A guitar solo, reality sucks lyrics
A long song, a choir in the background, a foriegn language is spoken

4.) Which lyric applies to you most?
When you cried, I'd wipe away all of your tears......
In my field of paper flowers and candy clouds of lulluby, I lie inside myself for hours......
Servatis a Periculum, Servatis a Malificum (Save us from danger, Save us from evil)

5.) If your lying down in your room.....and you could only play one song before you die.....which song would you play?
My Immortal.....I want to cry before I die
Whisper.......I couldn't stop the pain, I was too afraid
Imaginary......I want to live in a imaginary world before I die
Tourniquet........I wish God would of helped me

6.) What color(s) do you prefer?
Crimson red.......looks like blood
Sad colors....black and white and grey
Purple......the color of my sky
I'm too shy to say what colors I prefer

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