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» Quiz: What rock Vixen r u?
What rock Vixen r u?
created by Misha_82

1.) It's your first gig with your new found band and since first impressions are everything you want to dress your best, how would dress??
a sleeveless shirt, a vintage tie from your dad's closet and baggy pants
a tight revealing shirt, a short skirt, and heels
a slashed up tee, a semi long skirt and spiked hair
a wife beaters shirt, suspenders and nice black pants
a nice shirt with prints and a skirt with heels
A nice vintage dress.

2.) You are singing in a concert hall for the very first time, what do you do to prepare yourself?
do voice exercises
skateboard in the halls
do breathing exercises and listen to calming music
take a swig of liquor
write a new song
listen to a pep talk from band members

3.) What genre of music do you prefer to sing?
Hardcore Punk all the way!
pop/punk/alternative, anything upbeat
pop music
rock n' roll, baby
give me anything and i'll sing it, i'm very adaptable

4.) You just got done writing a brand new song, what will you entitle it?
cut so deep
Don't you see me
Trash talk
Addicted to you

5.) Did you enjoy my quiz??
I thought it was missing something
It was a waste of time
I figure i already took it so i have no choice
No comment
It ruled

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