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» Quiz: What's your theme song?
What's your theme song?

Ever wonder what you're theme song would be if you had your own show? Find out here!

1.) When just chilling and hanging out, you prefer to:
read poetry or write a letter to your significant other
skateboard or be mischievious in some way.
sleep or do something else that requires very little energy
listen to music or write angsty poetry.
ride 4 wheelers or play chicken w/ tractors

2.) The music you tend to listen to the most is:
country or southern rock
hard rock or metal
older rock or alternative rock
pop rock, or (even thought I don't believe in it...) pop punk.
soul, jazz or anything about love

3.) I read:
very little. only for school purposes if even then.
Read? Never!
All the time! lot's of romance novels and poetry.
guitar mags and a newspaper every now and then.
horror and mystery novels.

4.) My favorite food is:
Blood. Meat. ::growls::
Chocolate. Especially if it's from a valentine!
Pizza. Or some other junk food.
Soul food. Fried chicken, the works.
Pot. Is that a food, man?

5.) Finally, the age old question, what's your favorite colors?
Red and purple! The colors of love.
Earth tones like brown and dark green.
All of them except pink! Anything punky.
Black, blue and red.
Green, dude. Maybe blue too.

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