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» Quiz: which gackt are you?
which gackt are you?
created by Moebius


1.) mmm dinner time..whats on the menu?
...hm..how about some hidden meat!!!!
..a glass of red wine..and some of that boar i hunted earlier today
a glass of wine..a nice well done steak and some salad
food?..not really that hungry..thanks for the concern..

2.) the band/record company is bugging you to jot some new lyrics down..what kinda sound do you want to go with it though?
..dark..weird..yet with a nice hidden classical sound..the video BETTER have some slave grls goddamnit!
i like pie..maybe in my next photo shoot we should add a pie...wait..what are we talking about?
classical..but with a nice beat
whatever my dears wants..after all i am nothing without them..im just a tool to bring them joy
..er..something like mizerable? they will never be able to tell the diff...right....RIGHT?!

3.) its friday and you are out on the town what are you wearing?
something black..maybe tight..maybe not..it all depends
..a ninja suit...::judo chop:: tee hee i r teh samurai
..a ruffled shirt..some stalkings that match..nice dress shoes..and a over coat...
whatever best suits the night..depends on where i am going in other words
..god..i dont know..do i look fat in this though? shit should i chage?

4.) kami...has been dead for a while now..sorry to bring it up..but how do you feel?
...god i miss him..mizer will never be the same! I QUIT
..kami likes monkey...oo oo ahh
..death..comes for us all..i guess i just have to move on..or try anyways..
deathj is a part opf life..i will miss him dearly but..sitting here moping about will do nothing..especially bring him back...time heals all wounds

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