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» Quiz: What DEATH METAL Band Are You?
What DEATH METAL Band Are You?
created by judas

How DEATH Are You?

1.) Which of these lyrics most appeal to you?
I'm declared the divine... Mangled, Godless beings, Severed from their life tortured, Headless angels.
Airborne infection giving you fever, Cephalagia splits your head like a cleaver.
Sadist straps her to the chair, Pulls out her teeth,Cuts her hair, Toothless bitch gives bloody head.
Hung upside down, Holes punched through half chewed, Gristle, Debauchery with dead bodies, Turning green.
Chainsaw in my bloody hands, As I start to cut you in two, Your guts are streaming out, And I just love the sight
I know what you want to see, I know your not apart of me.
Ejaculate the mutlation, Severed heads, Bleed on me as I eat the rotting corpse corpse corpse

2.) What would you rather be doing in your spare time?
Hanging out with your rockstar buddies who are way cooler than you in your recording studio. Yea, I'm talking about Casey Chaos...
Watching 'Color Me Blood Red', 'Zombie', 'Susperia', 'I Spit On Your Grave', or any other great horror film.
Creating music so sick, your second album is banned in 84 countries...
Making a political statment through your music, that is pro american...
tearing apart puppies and kittens to impress your stuffed and rotting dead dog...
Chilling with your buddies Necrophagia and their pornstar pals...
Chillin in California, soaking up the rays, taking time off your huge tour with Cannibal Corpse and The Black Dahlia Murder...
Taking pictures and fragments of shull, of the head that used to once be your lead singer. Then use them for you CD cover 3 yrs later...

3.) Whats your favorite thing to wear?
Your sisters entrails...
A 'Night Of The Living Dead' T-Shirt...
Camo pant cut offs...
Your favorite band T-Shirt...
The T-Shirt of the band your going to see...
A medical examiners uniform, complete with mask and blood spatter...
An original Emperor T-Shirt from the first time you was them... way back when...
Your favorite europian football jersey...

4.) If you could commit any crime and get away with it, what would it be?
Creating a monster of dead parts to embody my desire to become a mad scientest with your army of dark dead soilders....
Decapitation, Iraqi style...
Feeding on theblack gooyness that spills from your band members head...
Kidnapping... and recreating 'the axe scene' in 'Two Thousand Manics'...
killing Osama Bin Ladan... 'One Shot, One Kill'
Theft under... (you coward)
Gutting your dog, to see how she works.. then putting her back together (look, good as new!)
Mass Murder... Maybe a school, or a liabary, just anywhere highly populated...

5.) Whats your drug of choice...
Weed! motherfucker!
Beer! Beer! and more Beer!
I dont do drugs...
Munching on someones adrenna gland
Weed and Beer!..... gotta get the combo
Jack Fucking Daniels... and a pile of blow... maybe some titties to do them off of too...
Good Ol' mexican coccine... maybe some brown sugar!
Coffee and Smokes...
Murdering people, thats the only drug i need, oh yea maybe a beer or two...
Crystal Meth... makes you play faster and faster!!!

6.) What best describes your taste in music?
Fast pounding drums, that never let up, pounding you in the face with crazy fast blast beats and crunching guitars. Vocals so visceral and thick!
Bass so heavy, you can feel your hard-on comming,with vocals so deep and gutteral, your at a mif of how that guy is human...
Sickenss blood and gore, you love the lyrics of dismembering you friends, while crazy drums and blazing guitars sooth your homocidal urges....
You like a new spin on the old ways of classic swedish death, and american grinde.. you strive for newness, in an over populated see of meodcrasy...
You like the American southern style of death, and want to bring back the days of Carcass when lyrics were thought out and intellegent....
Old school bullet belts and gauntlets are you choice, gritty hard and fast is the way you like it... you have no shame...
you into blast beats and wailing guitars, you just like to hear some singing sometimes cause you think it sounds good,way better than radio crap......
Your so sick, So twisted, you deserve to be locked away, and your music destroyed for the sake of the children!.. you and your tunes need pro. help...

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