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» Quiz: Which Marilyn Manson Single Are You?
Which Marilyn Manson Single Are You?
created by AntichristGhoul666

Find out which Marilyn Manson single you would be if you were one.

1.) Which lyrics can you relate to the most?
Get your Gunn!
Next motherfucker's gonna get my metal
The children love the show...
Sweet dreams are made of these
I don't want ya, and I don't need ya!
Take your hatred out on me
I am the hydra!
Pray your life was just a dream
We're all stars now...in the dope show!
Rock is deader than dead
I don't like the drugs...but the drugs like me
A pill to make you numb...a pill to make you dumb...
I'm not a slave to a God that doesn't exist!
I wanna thank you mom, I wanna thank you dad, for bringin' this fuckin' world to a bitter end
We are the nobodies...wanna be somebodies...
First I ran to you (I ran) now I run from you
Babble babble bitch bitch...
We came to see the mOBSCENE!
Oh yeah c'mon now Oh yeah

2.) What kind of career do you want or wish you had?
It's all about the drugs
I just want to make my parents proud...maybe a doctor or something
Maybe something with the Church of Satan
Anything sexual...hehe
Fuck you
I just want to express myself
Life is too depressing...
Life is too depressing...so let's get high

3.) Are you a virgin?
Ooh, feeling naughty are we?
Give me one good reason why I should tell you
I've been to all the bases in moshpits
If you count moshing as a form of sex then...well, yeah.
If you count moshing as a form of sex then no
Sex sex sex...lots of sex!
What happened to relationships?

4.) What kind of music do you like?
Stuff that you can mosh to
I like the calm, depressing stuff...
Something I can relate to
Depends on my mood
Why should I tell you?
Whatever is popular
Rap, hip-hop, that sort of stuff

5.) What do you like to wear as casual clothing?
Whatever pisses the adults off.
Lots of bondage, black makeup, stuff that you might call gothic
Satanic robes
Something kinda sexual and bondagey...assuming that's even a word
A gothic trenchcoat
A suit
Whatever is in

6.) What do you wear to special events (formal clothing)?
Something that looks formal, but its still original
Once again, a suit.
Lots of bright colors
Whatever's in
Once again, I just wanna piss the adults off!
Fuck off
Still, a gothic trenchcoat

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