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» Quiz: Which Band are you
Which Band are you
created by Emo_Death_Wish

1.) What is your love life like?
I'm in a relationship, pretty serious I guess
I'm not involved with anyone cuz everytime I get involved they just hurt me
I don't have anyone, but I wish my ex would die!
I have lots of girls/boys and a lot of porn
I have a significant other, but I hate them

2.) What is your label

3.) Voice sound what is it like?
Sad and nassally, but still good
Moany and waily, but still good
Broken, but still good
Whiney, but still good

4.) Your idea of a family
A wife and two children
Me, myself, and I
Me and my ex, but I do wish they were dead
I'm sorry I'm just not as keen on planning out my perfect life when I'm only 19
Me and that evil chick I share a house with

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