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» Quiz: Which Rock Instrument Are You?
Which Rock Instrument Are You?
created by cali_drummer

Find out which one you are, and which one suits you!

1.) Which color are you attracted to out of the four?

2.) In your group of friends you are...
listening to what everyone is saying; you start a conversation whenever you get your chance
doing all the dares and fun things. Basically trying new things, and showing off all your cool moves and junk
the backbone of it all.......the reason everyone is there
starting all the conversations; finding out new things about your friends

3.) Where would you prefer to be?
On the beach, having fun!
In your room, listening to your music
At the movies, seeing the latest release.
Outside, practicing new moves on your skateboard

4.) Which do you do?
Extreme rollerblading/rollerblading
extreme biking/biking
extreme skateboarding/skateboarding

5.) What type of book do you prefer?
non fiction

6.) Which animal do you see best?
killer whale

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