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» Quiz: what blink182 song r u?
what blink182 song r u?
created by benjis_bride

this iz a quiz to tell u wot blink182 song u r

1.) whats your fav blink song outa these?
adams song
whats my age again
stay together for the kids
east target
i wana fuck a dog

2.) what is you life like?
your rather depressed and unhappy with life
your outgoing and like to try new things(even if its running around naked)
your having alot of family problems and would rather be somewere else
your a very angary person who wants to kill something
your very rapped up in your love life
your a fucking retard who just likes to be happy and have fun

3.) what mood are you in most of the time?
im alwase depressed
im alwase happy and on a high
angary at the world
im alwase happy wen if with my boy/girl friend
happy and retarted

4.) what sort of song would/do u like to sing
songs about teenage depression
songs about acting imature
songs about divorce
songs about planning to kill
songs about my boy/girl friend of course
songs about fucking animals(there alwase good 4 a laugh)
songs about unhappyness

5.) who iz ya fav memba of blink182
mark hes a sexc beast
tom coz hes hot and has a good sence of humour
travis becoz hes the best,hes hot and hes a good as drummer(hes my personal fav)
scott,even though hes not still in the band ne more i luv him newayz

6.) pick ya fav outa these lyrics
from up here the city lights burn like a thousand miles of fire...
some body told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend..
so heres you holiday,hope you enjoy it this time...
i am war i am pain i am all your ever slain,i am tears in your eyes,i am greif i am lies...
all my life i prayed for some1 like you,and i thank god that i,that i finally found you...
i fucked your mum...

7.) whats your fav colour?
blood red
bright green
the colour of roses like the ones my boy/girl friend brings me
the colour of my dogs ass

8.) wots ya fav band outa these?
new found glory

9.) how much do u like benji madden?(this has nuttin 2 do wid the quiz but i luv him)
i fucking hate him(so i deserve 2 burn in hell)
hes kool(so there4 im kool)
hes fucked in the head(like me)
he deserves to fucking die(so i deserve 2 get all my limbs haked off and burn in hell for eternity)
i luv hes hes fucking sexc(so am i)
i wana fuck him til he dies(owww yeah)

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