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» Quiz: What Iced Earth album best fits u?
What Iced Earth album best fits u?
created by tubaplayer

Many of you are wondering who Iced Earth is huh? Well Iced Earth is a metal group that was created in the 80's but under a different name Purgatory then they changed the name to Iced Earth. This group is not full of corrporate sell outs like all the other groups that we all know, hell this group despises the music industry and their music is aimed at exposing the true side of the music industry. If u get a chance please listen to Iced Earth there is alot of messages in their work. And are one damn good group, give them a shot. The Belief of Iced Earth is "Fuck Trends and Fuck Posers!!!".

1.) Every one has a mood, what mood best fits u?
ur mood is really unkown to u, but it depends
a mood of revenge
a mood a vengence and hatered
a mood of sadness and being alone
wild ride/mixture of feelings
honorable/ glorious/ joyful

2.) What type of music styling do u prefer/or like?
nifty breaks, time changes, acoustic passages, and keyboards 4 a finishing touch
choral moaning, piano outro,( which is an addition to the dark mood),and acoustic passages . Plus add a damn good singer who shows alot of feeling.
powerful symphonic sounds,heart-twisting acoustic passages,and dark sounds to show the dark side of urself.
dark, emotional, melodic, but simpler
alittle bit of this alittle bit of that.
dark, nightmarish, and full of horror
full of darkness, epic, loss, conflict, and honor

3.) Music has roots, what word(s) best describes where u picked up these roots?>
these roots have been develped but are still taking shape
roots of a horror filled and mystical storyline of a man who is betrayed by his own faith, becomes enraged/angered and turns away from his faith
roots filled of past experiences, full of hate,vengence but when satisfied it turns out to be one of ur best albums.
ur roots are based on faith, but as u lost someone u try to do anything to get that thing back. but in turn its too late, and u become lost.
roots that are a mix of the new and old. In turn makes a good mixture for the music scene
these roots are based on myth/legend/or literature based creatures like dracula, warewolves, jack the ripper, damien(the omen),etc..
theses roots come from the basis of history, full of many events that have occured in the near or far past.

4.) pick a color
white as ice
black- 4 darkness
red-4 vengence
blue-4 being depressed and lost
blackish/blue-4 a dark and mystical mood, but full of lots of pain and suffering
red- 4 honor, peace and also joy

5.) pick a song title(these come from the albums that were written by Iced Earth)
Iced Earth(really this is a song title)
Pure Evil
Dante's Inferno(one of my favorites, this is based on the book, written by Dante. this goes thru all 9 rings of hell)
Vengence is Mine
Burning Times
When the Eagle Cries

6.) Pick a song title again
Valley Forge
Damien(the omen)(another of my favorites)
Stand Alone
I Died For You
Angels Holocaust
Life and Death

7.) What person of these albums best fits u(Jon Schaffer is the man who started Iced Earth)
Iced Earth- Jon Schaffer, Randy Shawver,Gene Adam, Dave Abell,Mike McGill
Night of the StormRider-Jon Schaffer,Randy Shawver,John Greely,Dave Abell,Richey Secchiari
Burnt Offerings-Jon Schaffer,Randall Shawver,Matthew Barlow,Dave Abell,Rodney Beasley
Dark Saga- Jon Schaffer,Matthew Barlow,Randall Shawver,Dave Abell,Mark Prator
Horror Show-Jon Schaffer,Matt Barlow,Larry Tarnowski,Richard Christy
Glorious Burden- Jon Schaffer, Tim Owens, and many more.

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