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» Quiz: How emo are you?
How emo are you?
created by silentscreams

I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Are you emo, or are you not? Or are you an emo poser?

1.) What's your favorite color? (I know this question is over-used, but what the hell)
Whatever I feel like at the time...I don't like to be to decisive
Whatever MTV says it is
What the hell?
umm..black..definitely cause it's depressing..right? depressing yes, thats good.
why do you care?

2.) (out of these choices) What's your favorite band?
Dashboard Confessional
Taking Back Sunday
what the hell man? What's with all the questions?
Murder By Death
All American Rejects

3.) What do you usually wear?
Whatever I find that's clean. Sometimes I just wear what I wore the day before.
The sweaters, the glasses, the tight girls pants...ive got it all down
My latest gothic gear from Hot Topic
Miniskirts, cute T-shirts..lots of makeup!
my band shirts and pants...nothing special
i dont wear clothes...

4.) Do you cry a lot?
YES YES YES! in fact im crying right now
only when i need to
what's crying?
uhh..no..only pussies cry.
yeah i cry all the time, just not in front of anyone

5.) Do you have a lot of friends?
OMg omg my and my posse are always together!
yeah, ive got some buddies. we hang out a lot doing stupid stuff, going to shows and shit
no...i prefer to be alone..yeah..all the time..cause im depressed..uh huh
im the most popular person in school!

6.) OK last one...was this quiz crappy or what?
dude it was so fucking emo!
yeah it kinda sucked
Whatever I'm already gone
wait this was a quiz?

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