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» Quiz: What Marilyn Manson Band Member Are You?
What Marilyn Manson Band Member Are You?
created by MaRiLyNmAnSoNfAn13

1.) What instrument do you play?
Vocals babe.

2.) What Do You wear?
A tuxedo that makes me look like I was cut in half.
whatever the F... I feel like.
Whatever looks good with my eyeshadow
Something to match my green hair
a leopard printed hooded sweater
something that I like
something shiny

3.) What does your hair look like?
Dreads that are REALLY long
it is green and the top is all shaved off
short and blonde
mediun and blonde
medium and black
However the F... I want it too look like!
Blonde and shave on one side

4.) What out of these is your favorite album?
Smells Like Children
AntiChrist SuperStar
Lest We Forget
Golden Age Of Grotesque
Mechanical Animals
Portrait of an American Family
Remix and repent
I'm like all of them

5.) What does your make up look like
What ever I want it too look like
Red Lipstick with it smeared at the side a little
wheat ever matches my dress
some suit that looks good with my green hair.
something to go with the anti christ super star look
green eyeshadow to look good with my mohawk
some pretty
lipstick and eyeliner

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