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» Quiz: What Hardcore band are you? (revised)
What Hardcore band are you? (revised)
created by The Count

A revised version of the quiz I made. I'm going to say what I said in the other one don't make a big deal saying they arent hardcore or something just take the quiz and have fun.

1.) How long have you been with the scene?
Longer than you have
Quite some time
I've got a good idea of it
I knows what I likes
Just last week
I'm getting used to it
What is hardcore?

2.) How do you like your songs?
Overlapping vocals, screaming and singing at the same time, crazy guitar, clever bass, very unique
A band that sounds like they know what they are doing
More melodic but still heavy, mostly screaming but too much singing, beautiful clean riffs but uses them to excess
Fast, full of time changes, just overall insane
Screaming that drives like a rusty chainsaw, lyrics that spits on capitalism, and with enough energy to fuel the revolution
Short, fast, noisy
A near ideal blend of heavy riffs and emo-melodic riffs that are catchy and heart wrenching

3.) Where do the best bands come from?
Not in America
New York/New Jersey
Chicago of course but this band isnt from there

4.) How do you like your scream?
Angry rabid dog
Full of political themes
High pitched like some one is getting killed
With some singing on the side
Coming at me from multiple voices
A deep tone

5.) What do you play?
Guitar (lead)
Guitar (rhythm)
If I put my mind to it I could do a lot more
My bad this is an extra answer

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