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» Quiz: What teen celebrity are you?
What teen celebrity are you?
created by msvolcombrat

1.) What would you wear to a club?
something bright and stands out
a mini skirt, low cut shirt, and a pair of uggs
cut up pair of jeans and a top i found in the bottom of my drawer
practically nothing
jeans, ramones shirt, and a pair of converse
whatever looks good

2.) What kind of guy do you like?
Ryan Cabrera
Nick Lachey
Chad Michael Murray
New 1 every week
Bow wow
Boys are stupid

3.) What do you like to do when your not working?
Hang out with my hubby
Smoke, chill
Hang out with the fam
whatever, as long as theres guys around

4.) Whats your favorite song?
Naughty girl
Peices of me
My Perrogative
dont listen to music
dont have one in mind

5.) today i....
ate chicken,...wait....tuna....no....
smoked....hung out
slept all day
hung out on the couch eating a carton of choc. ice cream

6.) what is your favorite show?
Laguna Beach
room raiders
whatevers on
dont watch tv

7.) What did you think of this quiz?
It was tight
it was cool but too long
Am I done yet?

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