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» Quiz: Which member of the Libertines are you?
Which member of the Libertines are you?
created by babyshambles

Carl! Pete! Gary! John! Fancy yourself a Libertine? Well which one are you!?

1.) The world is about to end! What do you do!?
Finish eating your corn...
Confess that you've been living a lie and that you are in fact a bonafide woman!
Scream something incoherent and chug some drugs into ya'!
Shrug and refill your milk bottle.

2.) Which one of these quotes would you most likely say?
'Shut up. no one's talking to you. Just play bass and shut up..!'
'Your mum.'
'What a Waster (ie water waster) has already been used to advertise ice machines in the middle east.'
'I like the smell of my Grandma's soap - I used to sit in the bath and eat it.'

3.) What colour best describes you?

4.) Pick a random word to describe you!
(ignore this word I made a mistake!)

5.) Another random word!

6.) What annoys you the most?
Plastic jackets that make noises when you move.
The Welsh.
Carl's vanity!
Being left out.

7.) What secret name do you wish to have as your own...
I like my name!

8.) If you had a film made about your life, which actor would play you?
That little kid in..what's that film with the ballet dancer in? Ahhh Billy Elliot
Chesney Hawkes
Drew Barrymore
I'd play myself!

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